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The difference between pages and posts in Wordpress

The difference between pages and posts

I am often asked – what is the difference between pages and posts in Wordpress?

Most people who try to explain the difference start by telling you that all your posts are on one page – you are instantly confused!{+}

I use an analogy to explain the difference.  Imagine that you are using good old fashioned sheets of paper.

Pages.  These function in the same way as pages you would design in any other webdesign software. Each page has its own separate “sheet”.  If I add a new page, I add a new “sheet of paper” to my site.  Each “page” has its own page name which appears in the Page Menu bar.

Posts. Posts work like a classic blog.  You write a post and it appears on the posts “sheet” on your blog.  Each time you add a post, the new post appears above the previous post but on the same “sheet of paper”.