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I offer online Wordpress tuition and support for my Atahualpa Theme tutorial via Skype. This costs $40 per hour (approx £25), with payment via Paypal. If you are interested, . I will give you my Skype username and we can agree a time.

Select Multiple Items from a List

Sometimes you may want to highlight more than one item in a list – perhaps because you want to copy more than one document onto a memory stick or email several pictures, for example.  It can be time consuming to copy each one individually.

There are easy ways of highlighting (selecting) all the documents, or text, or items in a list. {+}

a)  If you want to select ALL of the text in a document, or all of the items in a list.


  • Make sure that you have clicked the mouse somewhere in the list or document.
  • Press and hold CTRL and then press A.
  • Everything will be highlighted
  • (if you want to deselect one or more items, hold down the ctrl key and click on the items you want to deselect)

b)  If you want to highlight a series of CONSECUTIVE items in a list. highlight-consecutive-items

  • Click on the first item, so it is highlighted.
  • Hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and click the mouse on the last item in the list you want to highlight
  • All the items in between will be highlighted

c)  If you want to highlight NON CONSECUTIVE items in a listselect-individual-items

  • Hold down the CTRL key.  Click on each item you want to highlight.  All the individual items will be highlighted