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Changing Case

How to change your text from upper to lower case

Sometimes you may want to change your text from capital letters into lower case, or vice versa.
This can happen if you’ve accidentally left the caps lock key turned on.  Before you know it you’ve typed a whole sentence in upper case letters.  It isn’t necessary to delete everything you’ve typed and start again.  You can change the case of the text you have typed.

Word 2007

  • Remember – if you want to change the appearance of text you have already typed, you need to tell the computer which section of text you want to change.
  • Start by using the mouse to highlight the text you want to change. {+}
  • Select the Home tab on the ribbon and look closely at the Font panel.  You will see a little downward pointing arrow beside the Aa symbol.

  • Click on this arrow and you will see a drop down menu of choices.

This is what the options will do:

  • Sentence case will put a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence that you have highlighted and make all the rest lower case
  • Lowercase will make all the text lower case
  • Uppercase will make all the text upper case
  • Capitalise Each Word will put a capital letter at the start of each word
  • Toggle case will change the case of every letter selected.  Upper will become lower, lower will become upper.
Try the options for yourself to see what they all do.

Almost Everything Else – MS Office 2000/XP/2003, Open Office

As above, highlight the bit of text that you want to change.

  • Click on Format on the menu bar at the top of the screen
  • Click on Change Case
  • As above, select the option you require from the menu that appears.