Atahualpa Theme Tutorial

You’ve downloaded the Atahualpa WordPress theme – looked at the theme options and I BET I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING.  HELP!!

It’s OK.  Help is at hand.

This Beginner’s Tutorial will show you how To create a Professional looking website using the FREE Atahualpa WordPress theme.

I guarantee this tutorial will help you or I will happily refund your money.

*You’ll Love It Or Your Money Back – Guaranteed*

Just $19.99

Dear Friend,

You really can customize this free WordPress theme to your own design – and this tutorial will show you how how even a beginner can design professional looking websites.

*The Secret Is In This Step By Step Tutorial*

* Just Imagine Being Able To:*

* Create custom, professional looking websites using a Free theme -Fast!

* Stop paying money for expensive web designers

* Not having to buy expensive premium themes

* Save dollars because you can make more sites easily

* Make changes fast and easy- no more waiting for a designer to do it

…And that’s just for starters!

*I am an IT teacher. I have 12 years experience – and I specialise in teaching beginners – my tutorials are all true step by step guides.  Starting at the very beginning.

I’ve written this tutorial especially for people who are new to using the Atahualpa theme. Even if you are a reasonably experienced Internet Marketer or have some experience designing your own sites – if you haven’t used Atahualpa before then this tutorial is for you.

* The step by step tutorial has easy to understand screen shots

* I’ve included Videos so you can watch me adapt the theme (but don’t worry if you have a slow internet connectiong – ALL the instructions are included in the written tutorial)

Make your site stand out – with Atahualpa your design is limited only by your imagination

Try it risk free for 30 days and See for yourself. If you’re not happy for any reason, I will refund your money -hassle free.

*To help you get the most from this tutorial, I have included 3 bonus guides*

*Bonus #1:*

“Design your own Favicon”. An illustrated Tutorial with video ($5 value)

A step by step tutorial, with video, that shows you how to design your own favicon to display in your users’ browser tab! I use all FREE software so you can give you site that finishing touch at no extra cost

*Bonus #2:*

“How to install a new WordPress theme”. An illustrated tutorial with video ($5 value)

A easy to follow step by step tutorial, with video, that shows you “How to” search the WordPress database of FREE themes and install the one you want from within WordPress.

*Bonus #3:*

“How To Install WordPress Using Fantastico”. An illustrated tutorial with video ($5 value)

A step by step tutorial that shows you “The Fast Way” to install WordPress in just a few clicks using Fantastico

*Try It Yourself For The Next 30 Days Risk – Free*

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This is a downloadable guide in pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader or a similar pdf reader. The videos are hosted online, so you will need to be connected to a broadband internet connection to use them.

DON’T WORRY if you don’t have broadband. ALL the instructions are included in the written guide. The videos are an additional learning tool and there is NOTHING in the videos which isn’t in the written guide.

Carol Smith

Click Here To Get It Now – It’s Risk-Free! “Using the Atahualpa theme”. Just $19.99.

If you have any problems or would like a little more info about the tutorial, just email on