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Online Tuition

I offer online Wordpress tuition and support for my Atahualpa Theme tutorial via Skype. This costs $40 per hour (approx £25), with payment via Paypal. If you are interested, . I will give you my Skype username and we can agree a time.

How to Use Hotmail

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your grandson/daughter just set up a Hotmail account for you.
  • “It’s easy” they said.  ”You just do this, this and this”.

  • Your son/daughter has told you to set up a Hotmail account
  • But they are miles away and can’t show you how.

  • Your husband/wife can’t understand how you can live without using email.
  • “Just set up a Hotmail” account s/he said. (NEVER try to learn how to use a computer by asking your spouse – it’s an almost instant recipe for divorce.  It’s like asking  your spouse to teach you to drive – seriously, you don’t want to go there!)

    I have the answer to your problem.

    Two of my students recently asked me if I could show them how to use their Hotmail accounts more efficiently.  After the lesson they asked me if I could write some notes for them.

    They didn’t realise what they were asking!  My new, fully illustrated tutorial was born.

    I am a qualified and experienced IT teacher.

    For many years I specialised in teaching mature adults.  I still have mature adult students today.

    I specialise in writing fully illustrated, step by step tutorials.

    Using Hotmail holds your hand every step of the way.

    In this fully illustrated, step by step tutorial you will learn

    • How to set up a new Hotmail account
    • How to write an email
    • How to attach a document to an email
    • How to reply to an email
    • How to use your Junk mail folder
    • How to set up custom folders for your emails
    • How to add a custom signature to an email
    • How to add addresses to your contacts list
    • How to use your contacts list to address an email
    • How to send an email to multiple recipients – there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.  Learn the right way.
    • How to import a list of contacts from another email program
    • How to export your contact lists so you have a back-up copy
    • How to set up an automatic reply if you are on holiday or away

    All this and much more – and all fully illustrated.

    Best of all, this tutorial costs just $10.  Yes, you read that correctly, just $10.

    Order it now and download it immediately.  Payment is via Paypal.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Paypal account.  Just use the credit card options to the left of the log-in box to pay using your card.

    After you’ve paid you should be redirected to a download link.  If you have any problems, just email me [email protected] – tell me WHICH EMAIL ADDRESS you used to order and I will send you the download link.