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Clear the Print Queue


How to Clear the Print Queue

If your printer won’t print – what do you do?

Many people will just ask it to print again.  This just means that two documents are now stuck in the print queue insted of just one.

Now what? Ask it to print again in the hope that it might change its mind? It won’t.  One or more documents have become jammed in the print queue.

You need to clear the print queue.
To clear the print queue and get the printer printing again, follow the instructions below.{+}


Printer Icon

Printer Icon

  • Now look to see if there is a printer icon at the bottom right of your computer screen
  • If there is, point the mouse at it.  A message should appear telling you how many documents there are in the print queue
  • DOUBLE CLICK on the printer icon
  • Print queue dialog box

    Print queue dialog box

    If you can’t see the printer icon, click on Start/control panel/printers and then double click on your printer to open the print queue dialog box.

    This should open up a box showing all the documents in the print queue.

    To clear the print queue:

    • SINGLE Click on the first document so that it is highlighted
    • Then click on the word ‘document’ in the menu bar (between ‘printer’ and ‘view’)
    • A drop down menu will appear
    • Cancel a document in the print queue

      Cancel a document in the print queue

    • Click on ‘Cancel’ to cancel the document
    • Delete all the documents in the list
    • The last document probably wont disappear from the list until you