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Online Tuition

I offer online Wordpress tuition and support for my Atahualpa Theme tutorial via Skype. This costs $40 per hour (approx £25), with payment via Paypal. If you are interested, . I will give you my Skype username and we can agree a time.

Do Your Backups

A frequent cry of mine.  In fact most of my clients think I sound like a broken record!  

Just this week I found my own computer infected with malware.  I’m like an over-anxious mother when it comes to protecting my computer.  It only has to sneeze (metaphorically speaking, of course) and I scan it with my antivirus software, malwarebytes, superantispy and sometimes Housecall online scanner.

The ultimate protection against viruses, stolen computers, hard drive failure and any other catastrophe is to “do your backups”.

Regularly backup all the data on your computer.  You can make a complete image of your harddrive if you like – software, operating system and data.  Or you can just make sure you have all your data – documents, emails, photos etc.  In the case of dramatic failure you can reinstall your operating system and software using original discs or downloads.

What is a backup?  There are many ways of storing backups.  I use an external harddrive and a memory stick.  You can also use a CD, DVD, online backup service, or if you have just a few documents or emails take printed copies.  Anything that will ensure that your data is safe if your computer is lost, stolen, broken, drowned or otherwise unusable.