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Online Tuition

I offer online Wordpress tuition and support for my Atahualpa Theme tutorial via Skype. This costs $40 per hour (approx £25), with payment via Paypal. If you are interested, . I will give you my Skype username and we can agree a time.

Transferring a blog from Blogger to Wordpress

This is easily done.

1) I logged into my Blogger account BEFORE I started the transfer process.

2) I made a fresh installation of WordPress to import the blog posts to.{+}

The Transfer Process

a) In WordPress go to “Tools” and choose “Import”
b) From the Import menu, choose “Blogger”import1

c) Click on “authorise” to allow your WordPress site to connect to your Blogger site.import2

d) Click on “Grant Access” to allow WordPress to connect to your Blogger account.import3

e) You will see a list of your Blogger blogs.  Click on “Import” (in The Magic Button column) beside the blog you want to import


f) Click on Continue and then Authors.  I didn’t change anything in this last step as the blog I was importing to only has one author.import5import6

g)  That’s it.  Your posts and comments should now be installed in your WordPress site.  Now use the template of your choice to make your blog look attractive.