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Multiple Internet Browsers – Why You Should Have More Than One

A few months ago I was called by a client who couldn’t use their broadband.  By the time they phoned me they had made several calls to their BB provider.  They still couldn’t use the BB – and the only noticeable effect the helpline had achieved was to remove their old dial-up connection.  By the time I arrived their neighbours had helpfully provided them with a spare router (the neighbours had 4 routers – sent to them by the same BB provider in an attempt to cure their separate problem.  No, I don’t know what that was, I don’t know the neighbours)

Fortunately I took my laptop, so it didn’t take long to see that the broadband was working properly.  My first instinct was to download and install Malwarebytes to ensure that internet access wasn’t being blocked by malware.  I used my laptop to download it, copied it to their PC with a memory stick and installed it.

Fortunately they were clear of malware, the problem lay with their internet browser.  They were using Firefox (Internet Explorer had disappeared somehow.)  I simply uninstalled it – downloaded the new version via my laptop, installed it and hey presto, they were on the internet.

Of course not everybody has a “me” to come and sort out their computer problems (and yes – you do have to pay me!)  Diagnosing and sorting out internet problems is so much easier if your computer has more than one active web browser.

If one browser fails, and your internet is still working, you can use the other to connect to the net and download anti-malware software and/or replacement browsers and/or use a search engine to see if you can find help with your problem.

On my own the laptop that I had at the time, Internet Explorer had long since been broken and crashed repeatedly.  I couldn’t reinstall it as Micros***t’s website just told me I already had it as it is part of Win***s Vista.

To ensure you have an alternative browser ready when necessary you can download and install one or more of the following:

Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari (and apologies to any browsers I’ve missed from the list).  It doesn’t matter if you never use them – just having them on your computer could make life much easier for someone who has to try and troubleshoot internet problems for you.