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Change Default Font in Word 2007

Each time you start a new document in Word it uses default settings for the font and type size – in my version of Word 2007 the defaults are Calibri size 11.  You might want to change these so that when you start a new document it uses your choice of font and size by default.  Popular choices are Times New Roman size 12 or 14 and Arial size 12 or 14.

How do you change the default font and size in Word 2007? {+}

Make sure that the home tab is selected on the ribbon at the top of the screen.

Look for the “Font” box.  At the bottom right of the box you will see a little downward pointing arrow (indicated with a red arrow below)

Home ribbon in Word 2007

Home ribbon in Word 2007

Click on this to open the Font dialog box.  In this box choose the default font, style and size.  Then click on the “Default” buttomn at the bottom left of the box.  All future new documents will use these settings.

Font dialog box in Word

Font dialog box in Word

Note:  You have changed the default for all future NEW documents.  This won’t have any effect on documents you have already saved.