Malwarebytes - Effective Malware Removal

I can’t praise Malwarebytes highly enough.  It has rescued many of my clients’ computers from near death.

It’s really easy to use – and if you have teenagers or young adults in the house, or your computer is used by several users I highly recommend installing the paid for version.

The free version is excellent – but you do have to remember to open it, tell it to update and ask it to scan.  If your computer has multiple users everyone will think that is someone else’s job.  If you have teenagers, they will simply accept a whole range of spyware, malware and slow performance as an annoyance and ignore it.  Not good.

The paid for version is pro-active, updating itself and regularly scanning the computer for malware and spyware that has either made its way onto your computer between updates to your anti-virus/security software or that has been accidentally installed when someone clicked on an advert or clicked “yes” on a popup when “no” or simply closing the pop-up would have been a better option.

Let me show you Malwarebytes in action.

Here you can see the main difference between the free and paid for version – the ability to have “realtime” protection and the ability to schedule updates and scanning.

Believe me, if you won’t remember to update and scan regularly with the free version, the paid for version is worth its weight in gold.  It should be a priority on your shopping list.  I can’t begin to tell you how many of my clients have children, teenagers, and other household and staff members who aren’t too careful about where they go on the internet and have no idea what they are clicking on and agreeing to.  And I can’t begin to tell you how many of them I rarely hear from again after installing the paid for version – which sits there silently protecting them from their own folly!

There is a choice of scan types.  If you have never scanned your computer before, start with a full scan.  But be aware that this can take a long time (an hour or more) if you have a lot of files and software on your computer.

After that a quick scan is usually all that is necessary, along with a flash scan if you are a paid user.  You can set these options for regular scanning within the paid version.

If your computer does start to behave strangely, manually run a full scan.  Malicious software can bury itself deeply in your computer.